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Windsurfing on Samos

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Samos has earned its stripes as a world-famous windsurfing paradise, drawing water enthusiasts from across the globe. As the sun sets over the Aegean, Samos transforms into a windsurfing utopia, where the convergence of wind, waves, and passionate surfers creates an atmosphere of unparalleled aquatic excitement.

The island’s windswept charm is particularly pronounced along the northern coast, where the bays of Kokkari and Tsamadou offer the most exhilarating windsurfing experiences. These areas boast consistent wind conditions (Force 7’s a fair average, even in summertime) and impressive waves, while offering a wind shadow if needed. Ideal for both seasoned surfers seeking a challenge and beginners eager to learn. 

On the south coast a good place to windsurf is at Pythagorion Beach. There are less waves here, but the wind conditions are good for some excellent surfing experiences, both for starting and experiences surfers.

Brace yourself for windsurfing thrills as you harness the Aegean’s breath along Samos’s windy bays. Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or a novice adventurer, the island’s gusty winds promise an adrenaline-pumping ride like no other. Catch the wind, ride the waves, and embrace the exhilaration that windsurfing in Samos offers – a dance with the elements that leaves you craving more.

Windsurf Centers 

For those looking to master the art of windsurfing, Samos has some good windsurf centers where the can teach you how to windsurf or how to get better at it. Expert instructors guide enthusiasts of all skill levels through the thrills and techniques of this element-loving sport. You can find them in Kokkari and Pythagorion Beach.

Wind & Water – Pythagorion

George Kontaxis
Pythagorion Beach, Pythagorion
Samos Island, Greece
+30 6974457442
Open from April 15th till November 15th

Samos WindSurfing – Kokkari

George Sankantaris
Kokkari Beach, Kokkari
Samos island, Greece
+30 693 410 0917 | +30  22730 92102
Open from April 15th till November 15th