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Walking & Hiking on Samos

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Walking & Hiking

Samos is without a doubt one of the most perfect Greek islands for walking, hiking and botanising. There are hundreds of kilometres of enchanting forest trails and cobbled paths crossing through a beautiful countryside, by impressive ridges and gorges to villages, caves, monasteries and mountain tops. Hiking trails for all experience levels can be found around the island, promising breathtaking views and versatile landscapes.

The morphology on Samos varies widely and has general mountainous features.  The west of Samos is dominated by Mount Kerkis (or Kerketevs) with the Vigla peak at 1433m. The Ambelos or Karvounis mountain range extends from the centre to the east, with the Profet Elias peak at 1153m.

Marked hiking trails on Samos

The island offers many hiking routes, of which over forty – with a total length of 260 km – have been well marked by Samos Hikes. You can also check the routes around Kokkari village, mapped by Martin Lipka. You can get a hiking guidebook here.

Hikes with Caves

Samos is home to numerous natural and manmade caves and an ancient mine. There are more than 70 discovered caves on the island, with many more still thought to exist. Some shallow caves on the mountainside can be visited “on foot” and are often found to have small chapels inside.

Best time to hike

The best months for hiking on Samos are April – June and September – mid-November, when the weather is mild and the breeze cools you down. 

If you want to hike in the hottest months, July- mid-September, you should start very early in the morning. Avoid hiking between 12 noon and 4pm and make sure you get back before sunset.

December, January and February account for short days with frequent rain falls, and icy cold up in the mountains. Only for determined and experienced hikers! 

DIY or Guided Hikes

You can explore the trails and caves on your own, or with a guide. Guided hiking tours are offered by Samos Outdoors. In any case, it is important to take necessary precautions and follow safety guidelines. 



Code of Conduct for hikers