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Things to see

by PS2

Samos honours its rich history and natural beauty, giving you the opportunity to explore and enjoy everything it has to offer. And there is plenty to see on Samos! Indulge in the many Archeological sites, Museums, Monasteries, Churches and Chapels that are at your disposal.

The archaelogical UNESCO World Heritage Site at Pythagorion and Ireon invites you to step back in time. Pay a visit to the first aquaduct ever built, the Eupalinos tunnel, or the remnants of the magnificent temple of Hera.

You can explore Samos’ cultural and natural heritage in each of its many museums, such as the Archaeological Museum in Pythagorio or the Ecclesiastical Byzantine Museum & Library in Samos Town with artefacts from the island’s intriguing past.

If you like visiting spiritual spaces, then Samos has a wealth of beautiful monasteries, churches and chapels for you to wonder around in. Often, these places are positioned at elevated vantage points, providing a breathtaking backdrop to your expedition.