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Scuba Diving on Samos

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Scuba Diving

 If you are looking to experience the beauty of Samos from a different point of view, scuba diving offers an exciting perspective waiting to be explored. The island, surrounded by the Aegean Sea, provides a captivating underwater exploration for both experienced divers and those eager to learn.

Scuba diving on Samos is more than just an activity. The waters clarity ensures superb visibility up to 30m, full of marine life and hidden caves. Dive sites around the island offer diverse experiences, from gentle drift dives to more challenging explorations, catering to the preferences of every underwater enthusiast.

Whether you’re looking for an introduction to the world of scuba diving or looking to add a new chapter to your dive log, Samos offers an underwater adventure worth experiencing. Immerse yourself in a world full of marine life and diverse underwater landscapes and let Samos reveal its hidden treasures beneath the waves. 

Diving Centers 

Samos has two respectable dive centres along its stunning coastline. These centres allow you entry to the island’s rich marine life and underwater landscapes. Knowledgeable instructors and guides ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, making Samos an ideal destination for both beginners and certified divers. The centres organise diving trips from shore or by boat and diving courses. Divemasters and instructors guide divers from all skill levels through the underwater world surrounding the island. The dive centres provide packages that include equipment rental, professional guidance, and transportation to and from the dive sites. You can find them in Pythagorion and Kokkari.

Samos Diving – Pythagorion

Anthony Nikolaidis | Pieter & Jenifer
Konstantinou Kanari 1, Pythagorion
Samos Island, Greece
+30 698 112 2713

Samos dive logo full.png

Samos Sub – Kokkari

Alexandros Malagaris
Samos Island, Greece
+30 697 700 8983

Samos Sub