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The people behind Pure Samos

by PS2

We are Iakovos, Sylvia and Mikaela, owners of Pure Samos.

Living on Samos is a privilege for us. The island not only possesses breathtaking nature with endless possibilities, but also a rich history and a lot of diversity in culture, nature and people. These are things we really like to show others who come to visit. By sharing our passion and knowledge about the island, we hope to give you the best possible Samos experience!


Sylvia was born in The Netherlands and works as an independent marketing, brand & communication strategist. She moved to the island in 2000 and now divides her time between Samos and the Netherlands. She has developed a strong bond with the fertile Samian soil and loves to explore the island on land, and under water while scuba diving. As a hobby, she creates Samian specialties such as sweets and biological soaps with their own virgin olive oil and other organic produce from the island. She is a certified professional Olive Oil Expert.

Sylvia speaks Dutch, English, Greek, German and can still remember a bit of French.


Iakovos is a ‘Pure’ Samian. His life and architecture studies have led him away from the island for longer periods of time, but he returned in 1996 to his roots. He is a certified sailor and divides his free time between diving, seafood hunting (with or without his speargun) and Greek Mezes! He favours the wet side of Samos. As a result, there are not many spots that he hasn’t seen!

Iakovos speaks Greek, English and a bit of German and Romanian.


Mikaela got the best of both worlds. She grew up in Samos and was fortunate enough to enjoy the freedom and fresh air that comes with living here. For her education she moved to the Netherlands and Aberdeen, but will return to Samos any chance she gets. Mikaela has a passion for photography and the written word, which comes in handy for het Creative Business studies and minor in International tourism management.

Mikaela speaks Dutch, English & Greek